Top 5 products that Russia sell to the Chinese.

In the Russian market, the Chinese are buying minerals, timber, industrial equipment, chemical products, metals and metal products. But this is not all that we supply China. About the most interesting last year, in our collection.

Customs payments for Ru customs.

Very many customers are confused and understand under customs payments a variety of additional costs.In fact, everything is very simple.

Customs tariffs - which countries have highest tariffis?

Today, states are trying to be more open to foreign trade. Regional alliances are formed where customs barriers are kept to a minimum, and the World Trade Organization, which consists of 164 countries, obliges the authorities to lower the rates of customs duties. Today, many states are moving away from the fact that customs duties were for them the main source of budget replenishment, since this significantly hinders the development of trade relations.

The "Green Corridor" between Russia and the European Union.

The creation of a pilot project of the "green corridor" between Russia and the European Union was discussed at a meeting of the expert subgroup on risk analysis and management and the functioning of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), which was held at the end of March in St. Petersburg.



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