Import clearance

Import clearance


Four Side Logistic works in the field of import clearance for a long time, in order to provide its customers with optimal rates and schemes of customs clearance in the shortest possible time. We work with both Russian companies and foreign companies from other countries. We are not afraid of language barriers or other principles of management; we always adjust to our client. Our customers are major suppliers of global brands, in such areas as electronic equipment, children's toys, industrial and engineering equipment, medicine, medicine, industry, spare parts, chemistry, clothing, consumer goods etc.

The import procedure includes the importation of goods into the territory of Russia, without its return, with payment of all taxes and duties. If you are not an expert in customs declaration, you may have problems in the correct filing of a declaration, the definition of a code, a duty, preparing necessary documents etc. We will analyze your product, based on the documents and give you a preliminary estimate of the cost of processing your cargo.

Customs clearance is a complicated control procedure, where you need to observe a lot of laws and post controlling procedures, we do it for our customers professionally.

Applying to us you will receive:

  • Consulting and reviewing your documentation.
  • Personal customs clearance manager.
  • The most applicable form if customs clearance.
  • Full package of customs services and warehousing services at the customs warehouse.
  • Additional services like survey, sorting, re-packaging, etc.
  • Service from reliable professionals.


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