Land transport

Land transport

Four Side Logistic can offer land freight service to our customers. Today the main position in logistic takes land transportation. This cause because delivery via truck’s will provide flexibility, speed and lower costs beside with other mode of transport. Our company has its own fleet of modern trucks «Mersedes-Benz» and «Scania» volume of cargo bays from 92 to 120 cubic meters, refrigerated trucks, and trains for the transport of maritime containers 20'DC-45'HC. We are a full member of Association of International Road Carriers of Estonia (ERAA) and Finland (SKALA).

Our experience has allowed us to create a wide network of contractors, which include road transport in the EU, Russia and the Middle East region. Each of our contractors has passed quality control and has a high level of service.

By contacting us you will receive:

  • Consultation, which will help you to choose the most cheaper land transporation.
  • Selection of trucks, according to your requirements.
  • The convenient logistic chain.
  • Personal manager, logistics manager, who will control logistic process from the beginning to its discharge.
  • International service.
  • Cargo security and other services.


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