What is now imported from the US to Russia?

Tobacco, alcohol, soy and sweets came to replace the "Bush's legs." The US, whose products were under sanctions, did not want to completely lose the Russian market, and switched to delivering other products, not always useful.

What is more important for cargo transportation: cargo insurance or liability insurance?

When transporting goods, various unforeseen situations are possible, which can lead to partial or complete loss or damage to the cargo. Any transport company should protect itself from such cases, in connection with which, it insures liability or cargo. The owner of the transported cargo can also prevent its financial losses, insuring the goods at its full cost.

Top 5 products that Russia sell to the Chinese.

In the Russian market, the Chinese are buying minerals, timber, industrial equipment, chemical products, metals and metal products. But this is not all that we supply China. About the most interesting last year, in our collection.



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