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export clearance

If you want to export goods from Russia to another country, you need to make an export customs clearance, the company Four Side Logistic, in this case can offer this service. The export procedure is much easier than import and much faster. Legislation in Russia requires compliance with all elements of the procedure to avoid extra payments and tax controlling.

When you want to export goods you need to pay all duties and payments, provide all documents according the real situation. For each cargo, the customs service applies its control methods, selects certain stages in accordance with the risk assessment. It is impossible to foresee this. The only option of guaranteed admission is perfect preparation of documentation. It is no accident that many experts consider the costs of customs brokerage services to be justified and mandatory.

Applying to us you will receive:

  • Consulting and reviewing your documentation.
  • Personal customs clearance manager.
  • The most applicable form if customs clearance.
  • Full package of customs services and warehousing services at the customs warehouse.
  • Additional services like survey, sorting, re-packaging, etc.
  • Service from reliable professionals.