Oversized cargo

Oversized cargo

The company «Four Side Logistic» has the necessary organizational, technical and legal capabilities for international transportation of any oversized, super-heavy and oversized cargo. To solve the tasks we can offer all types of transport: road, rail, sea, as well as warehouse terminals in Russia, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia.

The international transportation of oversized goods for today remains one of the most difficult and responsible areas, where there is no place for unprofessionalism. Great work experience, well-established staff allows our company to provide the highest quality transportation of oversized goods. The quality of the work of transportation companies can be judged by various criteria, but it is the transportation of oversize cargo can show the real professionals in logistics.

Each project for oversized transportation is calculated individually.

Applying to us you will receive:

  • Consultation and development of the scheme for delivery of oversized goods.
  • Personal manager for oversized transportation.
  • All additional services, including consolidation of cargo and customs clearance.
  • Cargo insurance, cargo escort.


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