Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation effectively combines capabilities of maritime, railroad, road and air transport with terminal and port infrustructure. Multimodal transportation allows to deliver cargoes all over the world promptly and economically.

Multimodal transportation is especially relevant for the intercontinental directions when access to the outlying regions is necessary and a single way of transportation is effectiveless.

Our company has regional offices and long-established contacts all over the world.

By means of those and with the help of considerable experience in shipment arrangement, the multimodal shipments are carried out within the shortest periods of time and with the utmost reliability for transportation of Your cargo, resulting in a positive way on the work performance and Customer satisfaction.

As we possess a well-established logistics network, we provide a wide range of services including:

  • Arrangement of shipment to our consolidation warehouses in Europe and Baltic countries taking into consideration terms of shipment readiness, deadline of uploading and preparation of documents;
  • Customs formalities for all export and accompanying transit documents;
  • Monitoring during the whole way of cargo shipment;
  • On the Russian Federation territory we organize each stage of the customs formalities process;
  • Services of the temporary storage warehouses and customs warehouses in Russia are provided (under secure storage).

We have been practising shipment of absolutely various cargoes for a long time, we have managed to create the smoothly-running system of transportation excluding any surprises. Our specialists can deal with different types of LTC-shipments – starting from the exotic and finishing with the antique ones, so they are ready to complete the most unexpected and complicated order.

Due to our logistics chain arrangement we are capable of carrying out the shipment of less-than-car load, beginning from 10 kg weight or volume of 0.5 m³. The activities are normally pre-planned in details and work is carried out in the shortest terms possible. LTC cargoes shipment from our consolidation warehouses takes from 2 to 21 days from the moment of their readiness.

In the process of shipment of any products different obstacles may arise that require an immediate interference. We are able to undertake full legal support for foreign trade transaction, as very often namely ignorance of the law peculiarities may cause delays in shipment.



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