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The creation of a pilot project of the "green corridor" between Russia and the European Union was discussed at a meeting of the expert subgroup on risk analysis and management and the functioning of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), which was held at the end of March in St. Petersburg.

The "green corridor" between the Russian Federation and the EU states should simplify the trade between countries. The main advantage for the participants of the pilot project will be the shortening of the time for passage of checkpoints and release of goods, according to the federal Customs Service of Russia.

The pilot project will involve goods transported exclusively by road. However, only those that are placed in the EU countries under the export procedure. The project participants from Russia will be companies with a low level of risk, from the EU - authorized economic operators.

The parties agreed on a bilateral exchange of information, including on the transfer of information on imports and results of control after release for free circulation.

It was possible to agree on the composition of the information transmitted within the project. In the opinion of the experts of the federal Customs Service of Russia, they should be sufficient to adequately assess the risks. True, the issue of customs value has not yet been resolved. In the EU export declarations, the customs value is not known to be declared, and the application of the statistical value for the purposes of the RMS will require further study.

The stumbling block was the lack of federal Customs Service hardware to support the foreign encryption algorithm, in connection with the transition in May 2017 Europeans to the new SPEED-2 interworking platform.
One of the important issues discussed at the meeting was the interface between the transit systems of the Russian Federation and the EU.

The exact timing of the pilot project is not yet reported.

According to the information published on the agency's website, First Deputy Head of the FCS of Russia Ruslan Davydov will take part in a discussion with the heads of the customs services of Europe and CIS on the approximation of transit systems in the European region. The Conference of Heads of Customs Services of the European Region of WCO will be held in Vienna from 19-21 April. We will follow the situation.

Recall, the creation of a "green corridor" between Russia and the EU was planned for a long time. In 2014 it was reported that one of the pilot projects would be a "green corridor" between Russia and Italy, an agreement on which was signed in 2013.

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